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Introducing Emirates Arabic Pro 6.0
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David Waughtal, AR Lucky Luke Naimah M., Pittsburgh, PA
K. Nurdin, Malaysia Jonathan Omer-Man Hans Sigg
Avni G., USA Mustafa, PA Jacques Marleau
I. Essop, London, UK Ronald Grant, PA Shahid Nazir
James Raiss, PA Robin Farlow Jordan Robinson
Sumayya Seyed Zubair Seyed Ahmad Seyed
khidhir Pervez Mine Mohamed Metwalli
Samiya Tooba Yasir

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Prof. Iskandar Abdullah

It is really fantastic

Prof. Iskandar Abdullah

I have already install the software and it is really fantastic and very useful for me as a teacher. I want to know how much is the multiple user cost. Could you please send me info as soon as possible.
Prof. Dr. Iskandar Abdullah
Sengkang , Singapore

Learn Arabic
My Arabic Teacher
Gold 7.0


A Complete Solution Prof. Iskandar Abdullah 
and it makes you want to study

I have never seen any software as pretty as this one

"The integration of both the classical Arabic and the modern Arabic is very nice. The program is well structured and is easy to navigate through. The way you have set the grammar out into smaller bits that are easily grasped is helpful. The flash cards are large and the blue color helps in learning.

To be honest I have never seen myself any software as pretty as this one. The way that you can park it and do other things helps. I most of all think that the conversation section will help most due to its structure and layout, and side by side notes. I have tried other software, to name a few, transparent language, Rosetta Stone, learn Arabic, Arabic for English speakers etc. and many others but they are half baked, and none of these come close to your efforts. Yours is a complete solution and eliminates the needs of the others...

Hanif Ellahi
London, UK

It is amazingly a beautiful softwareProf. Iskandar Abdullah 
and user-friendly

"We are high-school students and we use eArabic Pro 6.0 to study Arabic. We use the program almost dailly to pursue our Arabic language study. The curriculum is enjoyable to learn with and the interface is user-friendly and amazingly beautiful. We highly recommend eArabic Pro 6.0 to schools and homes because there are so many categories and ways to learn from with eArabic Pro.

The software is intended for those who take Arabic seriously as an important aspect of their life.There are many categories to learn from which includes Reading, Writing, Dictation, conversation and grammar, etc. We think that lots of time, efforts and work was put into its development. This is clear because of the efficiency and details that are clearly recognizable."

Ahmad, Zubair, Sumaiya
Ontario, Canada

and yet easy to use Arabic language tutoring softwareProf. Iskandar Abdullah

"e-Arabic Pro 6.0 is a sophisticated yet easy to use Arabic language tutoring software program. It is unique and a first to use the technology to its maximum extent. The program combines the original classical teaching method "Baghdadi" and the modern digitized technique without compromising the value and the essence of the language.

e-Arabic Pro 6.0 is a complete curriculum from Elementary level to advanced academic university study level. The program helps learning and understanding Arabic in its original form, without interference of any dialect, the way it is spoken and understood in all Arab countries. It is a combination of Modern and slandered classic Arabic with culture integration.

Arabic grammar, writing, diacritical vowel markings, usage and composition are a strong base for reading , writing , comprehension and conversation. In such a way, the program combines sound and vision in a multilingual interface with Roman transliteration and color-coded is the ultimate way to grasp it with all your senses.

The progression of the lessons makes it easy to build up a wealth of vocabulary and terminology.This is also fostered by an advanced e-Flash cards feature with audio. The program suite Arabic language acquisition a beginner , intermediate and advanced learners.

The program was developed for used in a classroom setting as well as it suits individual environment to study at one’s own pace.

The program is a task well done of art, science and technology."

Mohamed Metwalli,PhD
Arabic Language Teacher
Pittsburgh PA USA


What students and teachers are saying about Pearlink Software Arabic language software:

Well put together.
David Waughtal, Phoenix, Arizona, US

The Best On the Market.
Shahid Nazir. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

One-Of-A-Kind Program.
Robin Farlow, MHS. Principal MAGO. Florida, USA

A Fine Program.
Hans Sigg. Winterthur, Switzerland

I Am Delighted.
Ismael Essop. London, UK

It Is Simply Great!
Umm Zaynab. London, UK

It Is Wonderful!
Carla Williams. Phoenix, AZ USA

It Is Most Impressive.
Bill Meares. Long Beach, California, USA

I am really enjoying Exploring the Riches.
Jonathan Omer-Man. Berkeley, CA, USA

It is Simply Powerful.
Kamarudin Nordin. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From Beginners To Advanced.
Nermine Emad. Arabic Language Teacher. London, UK

I like It.
Lucia Vargas. Naucalpan, Mexico

I'm really impressed.
Jacques Marleau. St-Hyacinthe, QC, Canada

It Covers More Than Two Years At Harvard University.
Jim Raiss and family. Philadelphia, PA, USA

Avni G. New Jersey, USA

The program is a pleasure to work with.
Samia Majid
Cambridge, Canada

Always wished to learn this beautiful language, and the program made my wish come true. It is amazing.
Tooba. Ontario, Canada

Learning Arabic is awesome, especially with a teacher like this one.
Yaser Seyed. Ontario, Canada

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