Date: Fir, Jan 22, 2023
Introducing Emirates Arabic Pro 6.0
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    About eArabic Pro

eArabic Pro 6.0 Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) language tutoring program will make the process of your second language acquisition easy.
        The rich academic contents and advanced features of the program will help the student expand his/her memory bank with talking e-Flash Cards and an extensive practical and useful library of approx. 36,000 Arabic words with on-the-fly English translation and Roman text transliteration. The program will prove to be most effective in expanding the student's speaking skills, grammatical skills, and it will empower the student with new effective writing and listening skills. Most important is that the program is designed to help the non-Arabic speaking student to speak Arabic with the confidence of an educated native with full satisfaction in comprehension, communication, and ease in commanding of the Arabic language.

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Start with the basic Reading and Writing exercises for first-time Arabic language learners. Quick Start for first time Arabic language students (also can be used as a refresher), Intermediate and Intensive Reading exercises and Dictation, (Modern Standard Arabic) daily Conversation with our exclusive Speak Arabic Please, then add a study of selected classical Arabic essays, comprehensive Levels 1, 2 and 3 Arabic Grammar, Quick Tips, plus a (summary) of Arabic Grammar In A Shell, dictation, geography of Arab countries with interactive maps, an Arabic for Business application (A4B) ready for e-mail once editted Templates, a comprehensive Proficiency Test with multiple-choice answers, read your Arabic Exam test results and e-mail the results to your teacher for comments, sound recording and comparison with some 24,000 hi-fi audio files, internet savvy with our custom browser Internet Discovery, e-mail processing from within the program, English text translation, Roman text transliteration, hyperlinked text, audio search and speed controls, and much much more -- (Read more...)


About eArabic Pro

About eArabic Pro


Who should use
eArabic Pro 6.0:

  • Junior High Students and up
  • College Students who are interested in Arabic
  • Arabic language Teachers
  • Schools
  • Librarians
  • Home schooling children
  • Knowledge Seekers
  • Leasure Travelers
  • Employees working overseas
  • Arabic language students who could not learn much from other Arabic language software programs currently available in the market,
among others...
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